DecoratorInterface An interface to a _Decorator_ design pattern used to decorate HTML strings and objects that render as HTML strings.
HTMLStringInterface Indicates that instances can be rendered into an safe HTML string.


A An `<A>` element.
Actions An actions element that can be used with forms or popovers.
Alert A `<DIV.alert>` element.
AssetsCollector Root class for documents assets collectors.
Button A `<BUTTON>` element.
ColumnedGroup A group that lay its children into columns.
CSSCollector Collector for CSS assets.
Dataset Custom data attributes are intended to store custom data private to the page or application, for which there are no more appropriate attributes or elements.
Date An `<INPUT>` element of type `text`.
DateRange An HTML element.
DateTime An `<INPUT>` element of type `text`.
Decorator Decorates the specified component.
Document An HTML document.
DropdownMenu A drop down menu element.
Element An HTML element.
ElementIsEmpty Exception thrown when one wants to cancel the whole rendering of an empty element. The {@link Element} class takes care of this special case and instead of rendering the exception only returns an empty string as the result of its {@link Element::render()} method.
File An HTML element.
Form A `<FORM>` element.
Group A `<FIELDSET>` element with an optional `<LEGEND>` element.
Helpers Brickrouge helpers.
HTMLString Representation of an HTML string.
Iterator An iterator used to traverse {@link Element} descendant.
JSCollector Collector for Javascript assets.
Modal A modal element.
Pager An HTML element.
Pagination An HTML element.
Popover Creates a popover element.
PopoverWidget A popover element with automatically attached behaviour.
Ranger An HTML element.
RecursiveIterator An iterator used to traverse {@link Element} descendant in depth.
Salutation An HTML element.
Searchbox An HTML element.
SplitButton An element made of a button and a drop down menu.
Text An `<INPUT>` element of type `text`.